Jennifer Wood, CH

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Jennifer is a Consulting Holistic and Traditional Hypnotherapist.

Specializing in Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation, Weight Management, Past Life Regression, and multitude of other options for personal and positive change.

Jennifer is also a Reiki Master, Emotional Healing and EFT Practitioner.

Jennifer has been trained in both Canada and the USA, and works with mentoring programs all over the world, working with some of the best around the globe! 


Payment is due immediately following each service provided.

We offer payment forms: Debit, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Cash and e-transfer.

We also have services that are covered under some benefit providers. Please check with your benefit provider. We do not offer direct billing, but you will receive a receipt with the information your benefit provider requires.

Your appointment is scheduled just for you, we understand that sometimes situations are out of your control and you may be required to cancel, but we ask for 24 hours cancellation notice.

Smoking Cessation, $170 (2 hours)

One hour of Hypnosis

One hour of Coaching and Techniques to help after you leave your session.

Weight Management, $170 (2 hours)

One hour of Hypnosis

One hour of Coaching and Techniques to help after you leave your session.

Personalized Service, $170 (2 hours)

One hour of Hypnosis

One hour of Coaching and Techniques to help after you leave your session.

Past Life Regression, $60 (1 hour)

One hour of Past Life Regression Hypnosis

This one hour Past Life Regression Hypnosis Experience is a fun, safe and relaxing way to explore your past, to receive messages, and to learn any lessons which may help you understand the way things are in your current life.


Follow-up Sessions, $119 (1 hour)

As you progress along your weight management journey, we are with you the whole time cheering you on.

Some people prefer a follow up after a few months, some after a year. Some are successful with their initial session they don't require a follow up.

For those who want a little extra support you can have a refresher anytime you feel it would be helpful.

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152 High St unit 207, Sutton ON

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