Sarah Dunjko, Hom, DCHM

Sarah is the owner of Sutton Wholistic Health Centre, and is a practicing Homeopath.

Sarah graduated from The Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine, and is a Registered Homeopath with the College of Homeopaths of Ontario.

She is passionate about wellness and holistic healing, and recognized the need for a wellness centre offering other areas of healing. 

Outside of Homeopathy and her Centre, Sarah enjoys spending time with her family, she is a total animal lover and in her spare time enjoys meditation, yoga, reading, cooking and horseback riding!

Sarah provides consultations to Adults and Children for both chronic and acute ailments. She also consults for some animals (Dogs, Cats and Horses).

Acute Ailments Sarah has treated: Colds, Skin Rashes, Coughs, Stomach Viruses, Urinary and Bowel difficulties, Mastitis and other Breastfeeding difficulties and Injuries.

Chronic Ailments Sarah has treated: Sinus difficulties, Concussions, Pregnancy and Fertility related difficulties, Anxiety and Depression, Migraines and Headaches, Teething difficulties in children, Behavioural challenges with children. 

Animal Ailments Sarah has treated skin difficulties, urinary difficulties, behaviour issues, injuries, worms and parasites, fleas and ticks and pain management.


Payment is due immediately following each service provided.

We offer payment forms: Debit, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Cash and e-transfer.

We also have services that are covered under some benefit providers. Please check with your benefit provider. We do not offer direct billing, but you will receive a receipt with the information your benefit provider requires.

Your appointment is scheduled just for you, we understand that sometimes situations are out of your control and you may be required to cancel, but we ask for 24 hours cancellation notice.

Adult & Children Consults

Discovery Appointment, FREE (15 minutes) 

Injury/Acute Consult, $30 (15 minutes) 

Initial Consult, $170 (1.5 hours)

Follow-up Consult, $60 (1.5 hours)

Animal Consults

Animal Initial Consult, $5(45 minutes)

(Dog, Cat, Horse)

Animal Follow-up Consult, $3(15 minutes)

(Dog, Cat, Horse)

Animal Injury/Acute Consult, $3(15 minutes)

(Dog, Cat, Horse)

Other Services

Homeopathic Remedy, $12 (without appointment)

Remedy Shipping, $7

In-Home Visit/After Hours Consult, $25 (extra to appointment fee)

Sarah Practices out of both Sutton and Beaverton. She provides consults outside of office hours if needed, and can accommodate consults in-home visits, over the phone and Skype if required.

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152 High St unit 207, Sutton ON

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