Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Melissa Bognar

B.Sc(Hons) RHN



Services Offered

Discovery Appointment



Initial Nutritional Consultation

(Intake & Plan Delivery)


Follow-up Consultation


Balance & Vitality Program


Three Month Commitment


Payment is due immediately following each service provided.

We offer payment forms: Debit, Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

We also have services that are covered under some benefit providers. Please check with your benefit provider. We do not offer direct billing, but you will receive a receipt with the information your benefit provider requires.

Your appointment is scheduled just for you, we understand that sometimes situations are out of your control and you may be required to cancel, but we ask for 24 hours cancellation notice.

What is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist?

A graduate from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Trained in nutrition consulting and protocols to help with various symptoms, health conditions and concerns people often experience.

By taking a holistic approach, there is an understanding of how food and nutrition relate to all aspects of health, wellness and healing.

Areas of heal support include: Digestion, Energy, Blood Sugar, Weight Management, Hormonal Health, Inflammation, Skin Health, Cholesterol, Heart Health, Food Sensitivities, Pre and Post-natal Health.


What is a Discovery Consultation?

This is a complimentary, no strings attached consult to let you find out how we can help you with your health goals. You will be offered 15 minutes in person or on the phone to discuss your main health complaint and learn how Nutrition Consultation can benefit you.


What is an Initial Nutritional Consultation? 

This is your first step to working together with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. There are THREE sessions to commit to, ensuring you are receiving maximum results.

Customized plan to optimize YOUR health.

Specific nutrition plans designed for YOUR health.

Supplements and Lifesysle recommendations to optimize your results.

INTAKE | Session ONE

FULL 360 health history taken and a better understanding of what your expectations and health goals are. Discussion and plans for your nutrition concerns, lifestyle, food preferences, schedule and all of the information needed to create a customized nutrition plan for YOU.


This session is designed to review your whole plan together. The necessary information and support will be provided to help you with ways to implement the plan in a way that suits your best.

What is a Follow-up Nutritional Consultation?

These sessions provide you with continued support and also provides an opportunity to discuss any changes necessary for your success. 

Through discussion of what changes you are experiencing and where you need more support. 

This is designed to keep YOU on track to reach your ultimate health goals.

What is a Balance & Vitality Program?                  

This is a 12 week nutrition program for those with a busy lifestyle needing a complete 360 personalized plan for their health.

Maybe you're a Real Estate Agent, Shift Worker, Self-Employed, Stay at Home Mom, or just an overall Busy individual needing 1-1 support for your health goals.

This program is personalized to YOU and will help:

Fit into your clothes, gain more energy to keep up with your hectic days and reduce stress in your life with natural living practices.

This is a whole-food based weight-loss and lifestyle transformation system built especially for YOU. We will go beyond merely educating about good quality, whole foots, but a unique approach to fat loss and lifestyle change to ensure that you feel supported, motivated and empowered throughout your journey.


1) We will start with a full 360 body assessment.

2) Goal Planning related specifically to YOUR health goals.

3) Weekly Education lessons and Consultations.

What does this include?

1) Complete Initial Consultation.

2) Plan Delivery with daily customized meal plans and corresponding food lists (Dairy free and Vegetarian options).

3) Weekly 30 minute consultations (in person or phone/online).

4) Package of Hard-copy Materials.

5) Weekly video lessons to teach you about portion control, food labels, exercise, supplements, eating on the go, hormones, sleep hygiene, macronutrients and more!

6) On-line Membership with Rooted Life Nutrition Support Group.

7) Cook Book.

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