Lindsay Anderson, BSW

Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Master and Soul Guide

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Lindsay is the owner of Sacred Soul Alchemy and


She is the best friend your soul has been craving. She believes that each of us are living a divine commitment to share our soul-gifts and authenticity with the world. Her purpose is to guide this process and hold space for others to achieve full life alignment. Lindsay graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work in 2015, which lends to her ability to support any emotional release that can occur throughout her sessions, events and workshops, creating a container of safety in which you can embrace your awakening.

The time has come to reclaim your light, discover wellness and connect the mind and soul to this body, to achieve soul purpose and begin to live aligned with your core values and beliefs. Lindsay believes that your soul holds all the answers and it is constantly communicating with you. The soul is your space of inner truth and wisdom, and only you have the key to unlock it. Lindsay's role is to hold space, teach, guide and empower you to access your own intuitive guidance, confidence, wisdom, self-worth, purpose, meaning and joy.

As an 'Energy Healer' Lindsay uses empathic and intuitive coaching strategies to support your soul-searching. As a woman in the midst of her own healing journey, she fosters a mindset of abundance which recognizes each of us as experts in our own lives, all with gifts and light to share. If you are feeling that it is time to change your life, step forward in authenticity and move past your challenges, then you are ready to have your soul guided. It is time to align yourself with you divine truth.


Payment is due immediately following each service provided.

We offer payment forms: Debit, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Cash and e-transfer.

We also have services that are covered under some benefit providers. Please check with your benefit provider. We do not offer direct billing, but you will receive a receipt with the information your benefit provider requires.

Your appointment is scheduled just for you, we understand that sometimes situations are out of your control and you may be required to cancel, but we ask for 24 hours cancellation notice.

Intuitive Reiki, $90 (1 hour)

A Hands-on healing technique that uses spiritual energy to clear blockages and bring balance and healing to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dis-ease. As you relax and recalibrate, a Certified Holy Fire III Reiki Master creates a safe environment for release and healing. Throughout your session intuitive messages will be delivered, and you are encouraged to share anything you are experiencing as well. This creates a deeper opportunity for healing and awakening. 

Chakra Balancing, $90 (1 hour)

Our chakras regulate all parts of our system and have an impact on us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. They're our energy wheel centres that can become blocked through experience, trauma, relationships etc... This session uses crystal healing combined with Reiki healing to restore balance and natural flow of energy. Discussion of each chakra and guidance around particular issues may also be provided.

Awaken Package, $125 (1.5 hours)

This package lasts 90 minutes and includes 60 minutes Intuitive Reiki and 30 minutes of Mentorship where we can explore strategies and techniques for personal discovery, growth, alignment and over all wellness. Each session will be intuitively led, and for this reason each session will differ, as it provides the healing insight and guidance that you require in that exact moment.

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152 High St unit 207, Sutton ON

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